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So over small minds and white knights.

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slapaskonk-deactivated20130717: You have been one of the first people that I followed on here. I love your tumblr and I think you are a pretty fine lookin fella. Just wondering where you reside. Xxoo Sarah

Heya Sarah. I live in Melbourne, Australia. Thanks for the lovely message.

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Finally some anon hate. And to think I was getting bored with tumblr.

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D-Day by Joey Harrison on Flickr.


D-Day by Joey Harrison on Flickr.

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1947 Model


1947 Model

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tropical-goth-deactivated201302: love your blog! aha

Thank you!

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Anonymous: do you use pomade? if so what brand?

Nothing specific. Whatever I find at the supermarket usually does the trick.

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Lana Turner, 1942


Lana Turner, 1942

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